SCAR-H Battle Rifle [Add-On] 1.05

SCAR-H Battle Rifle [Add-On] 1.05

Thanks for downloading this mod. As a follow-up to my VSS I liked the way Metroidguy’s Scar-H looked. I had asked him a long time ago if i could use his model and make it an addon on the comment section. He never responded….sooo whatever…
So I’ve had this mod for a while just waiting for permission. Here you go lads.

Some pointers for my recreation of the gun
-I used trash8’s Tactical grip config and included it to this mod natively, which will make you turn your weapon sideways when you dont look thru sights
-Unlike the VSS, This doesn’t come with a scope [BUT i did add addon attachments, but its dumb how you can access them, it’ll tell you in the README file]
-I put a hell of a lot of recoil into it. But it does 50 damage. [This makes it a little more realistic than the VSS, This doesn’t have a integral suppressor so you will shake like a child with parkinsons when you pull the trigger]
-The rate of fire is slow… Scar-H slow…
-Like the VSS, this does not have a weapon icon on the wheel [But if you have the pickups mod, there already is a icon for it from what i assume is some unused asset for a GTA 5 weapon that InfamousSabre decided to add in to his mod. Its one step less than the vss]



– Thighmangler
-trash8 for the tactical grip files and for showing how to use attachments on addon weapons
-Metroidguy for the SCAR-17 model and attachment models

Download mod

FileFile size
zip SCAR-H MOD1.0514 MB

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