.357 Snub 3.0

.357 Snub 3.0

Fixes the crashes

sorry about the crashes the mags ydr was causing it was my fault i screwed up the mag ydr but now it’s fixed and shouldn’t make your game crash and if it does tag me in the comments.

minor texture fixes/updates. As minor as the fixes are i suggest downloading this version and replacing the textures from 1.0 it looks much better imo.

This is a long overdue update which makes the .357 replace the actual revolver plus it has a new texture which i made using some parts off the DayZ revolver (link to it below). Don’t worry about all the comments from way back saying it will make you crash because it won’t i’ve fixed all those problems all you have do is install and enjoy.


This is a .357 revolver that was made by coltmaster1911

No it is not animated but that doesn’t really matter it still looks great imo.

Replaces the revolver.

Its properly aligned for first person bullet will hit exactly where it should.


-DayZ revolver
Python .357 Magnum CT6
-Best weapon sound mod
Baka Mania’s UPDATED weapon sounds from GTA REDUX



Download mod

FileFile size
rar snubnosed2 MB
rar weaponsounds47 MB

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