6Kh4 and 6Kh5 Bayonets V1.0

6Kh4 and 6Kh5 Bayonets 1.0

The bayonet with the GRAU index 6Kh4 (Russian 6Х4) is a bayonet developed in the Soviet Union. It is mainly used with the AK-47, AKM and AK-74 Kalashnikovs. It replaced its predecessor 6Kh3. The 6Kh4 also serves as a combat knife, saw and wire cutter. The 6Kh4 was distributed worldwide,with replicas being made in the near east and eastern bloc.
The 6Kh5 is the latest variant of the AK bayonets and was developed for the AK-74.

The 6Kh4 knife comes with an optional black tetxure.

You can replace either the knife or dagger with either the 6Kh4 or 6Kh5.

Installation path for knife:

Installation path for dagger:


Screenshots – WhyDoesThis
Model – BSG, p3dm

Download mod

FileFile size
rar 6Kh4_6Kh550 MB

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