BMX Party in Los Santos – [Menyoo] 1.0

BMX Party in Los Santos - [Menyoo] 1.0

In this Menyoo Map, you can go to a BMX Party and show your skills on the BMX to the public, or you can simply relax and listen to some good music or maybe drink a beer or search for easter eggs around the map!

This Map features:
– A BMX show
– A DJ Set
– A Police Ambush
– A Bike for the player

Installation Instructions (You can find them also in the ‘readme’ file of the Map folder)

1) Go to ‘Files’ in the Map folder
2) Extract on your Desktop the ‘BMX_Party.xml’ file
3) Open your GTA V main directory
4) Go to ‘MenyooStuff’ folder
5) Go to ‘Spooner’ folder
6) Drag the ‘BMX_Party.xml’ file from your Desktop to the ‘Spooner’ folder
7) Open GTA V
8) Press F8 to open Menyoo
9) Go to Spooner
10) Go to Manage Saved Files
11) Select ‘BMX_Party.xml’
12) Go on Load Placements and wait a few seconds
13) Open the map, and set the destination to the ‘BMX_Party’ blip
14) Have fun!



Download mod

File File size
zip BMX_Party 1.0 by Gael07x 12 KB

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