Criminal Organization HQ [MapEditor / FiveM] 1.0

Criminal Organization HQ [MapEditor / FiveM] 1.0

This is an old project of mine which was my first YMAP that I had ever made.
If you want a good look of how it looks just watch the video as the screenshots attached are very old.
The whole project started with the fire place in the middle.

When I reached 1k props it started causing issues which may have resulted in random props to be visible. These can be obviously manually deleted.

Again this was my very first project.


You need to download Map Editor

Also Map builder was used for extra props

After that you put the training.xml into your GTA main folder

Launch the game, press F7 and click on load map.

option 1: Type in: Gambino office & gambino office additionals
option 2: scroll through the list and click on “file chooser…” and scroll down until you find the map named: Gambino office and a file named: gambino office additionals

It is located inside the daviscourthouse

Garage building next to the HQ is one of my other projects which you can find on my profile.

1st floor Contains
– Hall entrance
– Kitchen
– Exotic jewelry and clothing room
– Bedroom
– Lounge Areas
– Office Areas
– Mini bar
– Fireplace
– Security area

2nd floor
– Finance and Accounting Office
– Elevators for rooftop and 3rd floor

3rd floor contians
– Massive storage area
– Interrogation area
– Interrogation office
– 1 sided glass for Interrogation area
– Torture room
– Flanking passage in case of raid

Roof top
– Meeting room on other side

Q: Why do I need to add two ymaps?
A: Reached the building limit and wanted to improve some stuff including the top roof. (not visible in video so should be better now.

Q: Why is the video showcasing the video so old?
A: I made it ages ago and randomly felt like uploading it.

Q: Why is it called Gambino Family HQ
A: Named after the notorious Gambino Crime Family I made it for my own FiveM RP gang.

Q: Is this gonna keep updated?
A: nope done with it ages ago any issues building wise contact me for original .xml files.

Please note the following:

– This is an old project that is not supported anymore as previously mentioned
– Not accesible from the outside would need to make a teleport yourself
– Map Builder (not editor) was used so there is a chance that specific props will not spawn in for you if they are exclusive towards Map Builder. Search map builder or join their discord if you require help installing Map builder props. Map builder is a product of: OmegaKingStudios.
– All builds I upload are or can be useful for FiveM not certain about singleplayer.



Download mod

File File size
zip Criminal HQ by AdmiralRusty 65 KB

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