More Gore V3.1.4.1

More Gore V3.0.3

This mod is similar to BUUBURN and ZiPPO RAID’s Roadkill mod but now works with any vehicle driven by any ped, falls/collisions and explosions! The mod also includes bleeding from individual bones. This means shooting someone in their right hand will create blood on the ground below that hand. Bleed rates are based on the weapon used, location (only for head/neck shots) and if that bone is already bleeding. So shooting someone multiple times in the same spot increases that bleed rate.

The bleeding does not currently affect health and is really just for looks
The lower the bleed rate for the weapon, the more bleeding (Doesn’t make much sense but this is what I went with)

Script Hook V
ScriptHookVDotNet V3.4.0

Copy “More Gore.dll” and “More Gore Settings.ini” to your “GTA V\Scripts\” folder



Download mod

File File size
zip More Gore V3.1.4.1 211 KB

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