End Of The Beach (Rave/Party/Car Meet) 2 [Menyoo]

End Of The Beach (Rave/Party/Car Meet) 2 [Menyoo]

Tree B Productions presents “End Of The Beach 2”.
A Rave that includes some Peds, Custom Vehicles & Environment changes on the Beach.
-Wanted to share it with the rest of you!
-Upgrade of first Menyoo creation.
-Loads quickly
-No FPS drop
-Very Simple so it shouldn’t crash your game
*The instructions are also included inside the file!*

-Simply drop the file “End Of The Beach Rave 2.xml” in your “Spooner” folder and you should be all set to go!
-IN-GAME: Open Menyoo, click Object Spooner -> Manage Saved Files -> You should see “End Of The Beach Rave” -> Make sure “Start Task Sequences immediately” is checked ON” -> “Load Placements”
-It will take you to the location! 🙂
-“End Of The Beach Rave.png” Will show you the location for the Rave.

For Music:
To activate the music, use the horn on the festival Bus, it will activate the neons, as well as the DJ turntable on top. Pick your radio station and once you exit, everyone can hear it outside..



Download mod

File File size
zip End Of The Beach Rave 2 730 KB

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