Gated Valet Parking and Casino Exterior Upgrades for [FiveM & StoryMode] [Map Editor] [Menyoo] [YMAP] [Map-Addon] v1.0

Gated Valet Parking and Casino Exterior Upgrades for [FiveM & StoryMode] [Map Editor] [Menyoo] [YMAP] [Map-Addon] v1.0



• Added Valet Table For RP.
• Added Bollards near the parking lot to force players to use the proper parking lot entrance while in a vehicle.
• Added Esx_DoorLock-Master Ready Gate For Special Parking Space For Valet Service and Casino Staff To Avoid Car Theft.
• Added Parking Hut.
• Added Bollards Infront of casino to prevent players from leaving their car in the sidewalk.
• Added Bollards In Parking lot to minimize double parking.
• Added Casino Roof Terrace Railings.
• Added and Fixed Barriers Infront of Casino to prevent Player from taking the shortcut from the freeway.

Notes: The Gate in the casino parking is automatically opened in StoryMode and it cannot be locked.

Step 1: Add ImprovedCasinoExterior Folder to your server resources\[custommap]
Step 2: Navigate to your Server.cfg and Add “start ImprovedCasinoExterior” without quotes
Optional Steps: Do This if you’re using esx_doorlock-master
Step 1: Navigate to your exs_doorlock-master directory.
Step 2: Open Config.lua
Step 3: Add this line
— Casino Valet/Staff Parking Gate
— Gate2
objName = ‘prop_gate_airport_01’
objYaw = ‘148.25’
objCoords = vertor3(887.93, -69.56, 77.76)
textCoords = vertor3(887.93, -69.56, 77.76)
— authorizedJobs = { ‘mechanic, police’ }
locked = true
size = 2
— Gate1
objName = ‘prop_gate_airport_01’
objYaw = ‘327.75’
objCoords = vertor3(917.72, -35.83, 77.76)
textCoords = vertor3(917.72, -35.83, 77.76)
— authorizedJobs = { ‘mechanic, police’ }
locked = true
size = 2
Step 4: Create and add your casino staff / valet job name inside authorizedJobs {‘mechanic, police, “Jobname”‘} remove double ” quotes

**GTAV Menyoo/Map Editor
Step 1: Copy Paste ImprovedCasino.xml to your GTAV Directory
Step 2: Open your GTAV and Using MapEditor or ObjectSpooner Load ImprovedCasino.xml

**GTAV DLCPack [StoryMode]
Step 1: Copy Paste Improved_Casino-Exterior to GTAV Directory\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
Step 2: Using OpenIV Navigate to GTAV Directory\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\dlclist.xml edit and add this line dlcpacks:/Improved_Casino-Exterior/ before
Step 3: Make Sure you downloaded Open All Interiors by NewTheft
Step 4: Open your Game and Enjoy!


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