Hidden weed lab [MLO FiveM/SP/AltV] 1.0 SP / AltV / FiveM

Hidden weed lab [MLO FiveM/SP/AltV] 1.0 SP / AltV / FiveM

Hello there! This is a little a little map from a pack that i currently developping for roleplaying. The principle is simple, make some hidden labs around the map of gta 5 and not too much visible to attract too much attention.
In Addition if the police think it’s SUS, there is a cover (on this one and others too but not everytime)

The walls was destroyed with some dynamite and a garage was made for ninja tactics + a small weed lab

Installation for AltV and FiveM:
I. Download it and open it.
II. Choose which type you need between AltV or FiveM
III. place the “hid_weed_lab” file in the resources file of your server
IV. check the server config file to activate it (Modification of interiorproxie also for FiveM depending of your server).
V. Pray and boot up your server to make sure it don’t explode

Installation for SP Version
1. run OpenIV
2. drag and drop the folder “hid_weed_lab” of the SP version in the following path mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
3. go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data open dlclist.xml and add the line dlcpacks:/hid_weed_lab/

Bug known: none for now

Technical things and working team (alias credits) :
Only Me this time around



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