Hitman Assassination Map Pack [MapEditor / Menyoo] 2.2 (New Casino Map)

Hitman Assassination Map Pack [MapEditor / Menyoo] 1.7

This Map Pack adds all the Assassination maps i made over the past year and this includes 3 new maps for the map pack which includes a Starting Mission, A remake of the suburbs and a Office Map. Some of these maps where Inspired by the Hitman Games.

What Maps are included in this Pack
1. Getaway home (Menyoo)
2. Yacht Party (Menyoo and Map Editor)
3. Wedding (Menyoo and Map Editor)
4. Construction Site (Menyoo and Map Editor)
5. Suburbs (Menyoo)
6. Mayor Speech (Menyoo)
7. Nightclub (Menyoo)
8. Christmas Party (Menyoo)
9. Office (Menyoo)
10. Biker Club (Menyoo)
11. Pool Party (Menyoo)
12. Hotel (Menyoo)
13. Cliff Side Mansion Party (Menyoo)
14. City Hall Protest (Menyoo)
15. Skyscraper (Menyoo)
16. Airport (Menyoo)
17. Golf Resort (Menyoo)
18. Penthouse Party (Menyoo)
19. Funeral (Menyoo)
20. Casino (Menyoo)
Find a way to eliminate your target either kill them silently or make it look accidental or snipe your target from afar or you can just go in loud with a machine gun.

This Map Pack will be updated occasionally to feature more assassination maps and my current maps will receive updates or patches over time. I might convert the 3 Map Editor maps into Menyoo maps sometime soon.

Mods required for the assassination maps to work:
Map builder
Updated Object List For Map Editor
Open all interiors

I Recommend you Download Maximum Wanted Level/Never Wanted when you play these maps or turn on the Never Wanted Button in Native Trainer.


Fermit the Krog

Download mod

File File size
rar Hitman Assassination Map Pack 38 MB

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