Los Santos Highway Patrol Building Update [MapEditor] 1.1

Los Santos Highway Patrol Building Update [MapEditor] 1.1

This mod includes some Peds, Vehicles & Environment changes.
-Wanted to share it with the rest of you!
-Still new so figuring this all out!

-Very simple so it shouldn’t crash your game
-Loads quickly
-No FPS drop
-Simply drop the file “lshp” in your directory and you should be all set to go!
-IN-GAME: Open Map Editor by pressing F7, click load map, XML, then write: lshp
hit enter
-“lshp.png” Will show you the location of the building.
-YMap Included (Does not save Peds or Cars)
*The instructions are also included inside the file!*


Map Editor, from Guadmaz
Object Spawn Unlocker, from GTAMultiplayer Team



Download mod

File File size
zip Los Santos, Highway Patrol Building Update 245 KB

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