LSPD Highway Checkpoint (with Animation) for LSPDFR 0.1

LSPD Highway Checkpoint (with Animation) for LSPDFR 0.1

My first mod for GTA 5 ! Feel free to check it out !
This is a integrated Checkpoint for LSPDFR . By using Map Editor .
Location has been added in screenshot !

There are 2 options to use:
1. Props only
2. Props and Peds (Checkpoint will feel more live and realistic !) 😀

And 2 file formats:

1. you have to replace the texture (The Checkpoint Sign)
Use OpenIV to intall:
GTAV > x64f.rpf > levels > gta5 > props > roadside > v_constructions > Replace prop_consign_02a.ytr

.ini installation: put it in GTA 5 main folder . Use simple Trainer Spawn from objects.ini to spawn it ! Or put in scripts\Autoloadmaps\ to load it automatically (not sure if this work without Map Editor 😛 )

(recommended) .xml installation : Install Map Editor first , , then put it in scripts\Autoloadmaps\ folder , it will load automatically .

Good Day for you Officer 🙂

Notice: The Peds bug in screenshot are just something wrong with Rockstar Editor , everything is fine in game . 😛

optional mods: Traffic Control plugin
(for slow down traffic , or bikers will always crash into the barrier LOL)


Zomby991 for Checkpoint Sign Texture
Guadmaz Map Editor for creating this Checkpoint

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