Offshore Operations [YMAP] 2.0

Offshore Operations [YMAP] 2.0

New update v2 for ymaps containing offshore operations.

Its has the offshore windfarm and 2 offshore platforms transformed to ymaps.
Both platforms are located in the East Coast, one is visible from the coast and the other is really far.

You need to install: No Boundary Limits

Both platforms have the LOD set to 2000 so you can see the platforms easily under a VFR flight.

The coordinates of the further offshore one is: x13747.803

The files are ymaps which you need to add to your dlcpacks.

use OPENIV and copy the folder in the archive to your mods/update/x64/dlcpacks



All credits for the offshore platforms builds go to:

Download mod

File File size
zip custom_maps 52 KB

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