Operation Thunder-Strike – A GTA V Mini Realism Scenario 1.0

Operation Thunder-Strike - A GTA V Mini Realism Scenario 1.0

This is just a player-created Menyoo mini event which can be played as is or configured by those of you who know the ins and outs of Menyoo Object Spooner.

It has a bit of a Vietnam Swamp War vibe to it with a jet flyover, a bit of helicopter support, and a team of soldiers who will fight marching through the swamp.

If this should do anything for you it is to inspire you to make more events such as this. 🙂

For those who are curious but have no Object Spooner experience,
1. Put the files into your Menyoo Stuff/Object Spooner folder
2. You can add a custom .mp3 to go along with your battle as the music playing in the video provided is Menyoo’s own mp3 load feature in the Object Spooner>Load Placement menu
3.Before you load the event you can change the weather to your liking.
4. Load the file with your Menyoo Object Spooner trainer menu.
4.This is a fully editable spooner scenario, but if you want to put your own spin on things remember that it is extremely difficult to automate NPCs in GTA V with Menyoo and you must observe what the NPCs do before you give them their own custom tasks.



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File File size
zip operation.Thunderstrike 86 MB

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