Paleto Bay Bank Protest [Menyoo] 1.0

Paleto Bay Bank Protest [Menyoo] 1.0

Requested Files
Map editor or Menyoo


-Map editor
copy and move the protest paleto bank file the GTA V folder

copy and move the protest paleto bank file to “Grand Theft Auto V\menyooStuff\Spooner”

Complete play Grand Theft Auto V and load the map

menyoo- go to spooner “F9” go to manage saved files and click on the “protest paleto bank.xml”

map editor- click F7 select option load map select option “XML” and write “protest paleto bank” or
open map editor choose load map choose file chooser and find file “protest paleto bank.xml”

this map is mainly for people who play or record lspdfr, but not only. The map is in Paleto Bay, it is an illegal protest that is organized because installments were supposed to be 0 percent and are 5 percent. The people opposed and created a protest to restore people’s money. Goodbye, muffins, with luck!



Download mod

File File size
rar Paleto Bay Bank Protest 8 KB

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