Sekia Hills [Map & Extras] 1.0 [SP Only]

Sekia Hills [Map & Extras] 1.0 [SP Only]

I added some props to Sekia made by CHR – 15. This is an older version of his current upload. Only difference is, it’s in a different place to the current and the objects/lights I’ve added. Thank you for letting me Upload this!

Original Map: Sekia Hills

1.Open OpenIV & ‘Enable Edit Mode’.

2.Drag & Drop The ‘dlc_sekiahills_nf’ Folder into your DLCPACKS folder.

3.Go to this file: ‘GTA5/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data/dlclist.xml’
Right click on ‘dlclist.xml’ Select ‘Edit’.
Now Add the Line to the bottom of the list.


Find the map here:
x=-4322.71000000 y=3178.24000000 z=505.23200000


3D Model by: Asetto Corsa?
Convert by: EggPlant / CHR-15
Props & Objects by: Depzi

Download mod

File File size
rar SekiahillsNF - Depzi 30 MB

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