Simpsons Hit & Run – Level one [Add-On Map] 1.01

Simpsons Hit & Run - Level one beta 1

This mod is an SP Remake of the original Multifive mod I released back in 2016

As the first mod did, this one also adds the level one from SHAR game, the map is located under the industrial side of LS.

The installation is like usual, replace popzone.ipl located in update/update.rpf/common/data/levels/gta5 and drop level1 folder in update/x64/dlcpacks
Don’t forget to add the following inside Paths section in dlclist.xml located in update/update.rpf/common/data


Currently, it features the following:
– Almost all props present in the original game.
– Partially working traffic (it behaves kind of goofy right now).
– Custom navmeshes (some peds like to run towards walls).
– Enlightened objects at night.
– Some physics objects like haybale, fire hydrants, etc (you should be able to kick them without breaking any bone, they don’t have so much weight as it should).
– Proper shaders for some materials.
– Proper collisions materials.
– Distant lights.
– Map adapted to be more consistent in some areas.
– Some “interiors” but they aren’t actual interiors if you know what I mean.

Known issues:
– The nuclear plant still has some broken shadows, due to flipped normals.
– Some props that should be rigid bodies like chess pieces aren’t.
– The traffic can be a little “ghostly” at times, it may occur to don’t have any traffic at all
– The GPS is pretty much broken, don’t count on it.
– The peds can be a little silly some times.
– Some polygons only can be seen in one side (too lazy to fix this, atm)
– Some props seem to have a bigger collision that they should.



Download mod

File File size
zip Level1SimpsonsNew 33 MB

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