Ragdolls Map Level 1 ( Menyoo ) 1.0

Ragdolls Map Level 1 ( Menyoo ) 1.0

This is Ragdolls Map level 1 , Suitable if you like to have some fun with your ragdolls physics, i recommended to use overhaul ragdoll script on this map

ragdolls map with 4 section for you to have some fun , I also add some marker in the game , so you can teleport to a selfie section and can go back to start position. so you dont have to be superman to go there.

Each section has funny ped , so you can do whatever you want with them , And only 2 section had motorcycle and supercar.

How to install
In Grand Theft Auto folder
go to menyooStuff / Spooner / here
copy paste my files here
see some preview of my ragdolls map


iwansx gaming

Download mod

File File size
rar GTA5 MODS ragdolls level 1 12 MB

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