Wood up Stair Ramp Challenge [ Menyoo Pc ]

Wood up Stair Ramp Challenge [ Menyoo Pc ]

Single player
Wood up Stair Ramp Challenge
This is Track challenge for Youtubers

This map requires Menyoo PC. You have to have the latest patch of GTA V and the latest Scripthook V.

1. Install Menyoo and make sure it’s working correctly.
Step 1 Open your Gta 5 main Folder
Step 2 GO to MenyooStuff Folder
Step 3 GO to Spooner
Step 4 Past our Wood up Stair Ramp challenge.xml file

Go to Object Spooner > Manage Saved Files and select Down stair Ramp Challenge.XML file and Lode placement. and enjoy.



Download mod

File File size
rar Wood up Stair Ramp challenge 5 MB

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