Add-On Racetrack Collision Fixes for b2545 1.3

Add-On Racetrack Collision Fixes for b2545 1.3

Rockstar are on their best form when it comes to producing a shoddy half-arsed content update for their online mode that breaks stuff in Story Mode, case in point is the collisions of Add-On maps not working after ‘The Contract’ update, caused by Rockstar messing up the static collisions around the map.

Other Collision Fixes Mods:
For Sn3aKyFrEak’s Sector 257 mod, checkout this mod by YHWDios

After my useless attempt to fix it for Add-On racetracks, three guys YHWDios, bucket of truth & wert12 found the way to fix it via the content.xml’s in the Add-On maps’ dlc.rpf.

So thanks to them, I’ve fixed the collisions for the following maps:
Akagi by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Akina by Yoha
Aspertsham by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Dousojin Touge by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Dubai Islands by GTA Belgium
East Touge by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Hako by AspireHD
Harugahara by kpowka
Haruna Drift by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Holjes Rallycross by halfdead
Huligan by halfdead
ID Zero Akina by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Isle of Man TT by halfdead
Kagarasan Track by ryanm2711
Kami Road by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Karelia Rallycross by halfdead
KushDrift by xXKushXx
Le Mans Circuit by halfdead
Monaco GP by GTA Belgium
Momiji Line by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Motorsports Land by halfdead
Myogi by TheAussie
Nurburgring GP Circuit by LNset001
Okutama FZC by kpowka
Route 66 by Heni
Sekia Hills by halfdead
Serpentine by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Shibuya by ryanm2711
Shomaru Touge by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Shoubudani Touge by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Spa Francorchamps by GTA Belgium
Transfagarasn by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)
Tsubakline by Anlan (Riodfxlan7)

wert12 posted the fix for Nurburgring Nordschleife Circuit by Vans123 in the comments section of that mod, so I added it in this too.

Follow the ‘Installation.txt’ in the tracks respective folders in the download


YHWDios, bucket of truth & wert12- All credits to them for making this possible



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