GTEasyLauncher (Gain FPS,Fix LODS Not Loading,etc.) V1.3

GTEasyLauncher (Gain FPS,Fix LODS Not Loading,etc.) 1.1

This is a simple open-source batch file script which is meant to improve in-game fps, fix lods not loading, stop in-game hitching, fix 30 fps vsync bug, etc.

This is open source code, you can do whatever you want with it IF you know what you are doing.

Drag and drop the GTEasyLauncher file anywhere and run it, it does NOT need to be in root game directory.

This should work with Steam game versions and Epic game versions, meaning that it does NOT work with cracked game versions.

ALSO this is not a VIRUS, the most demanding thing this does is change your games priority.

This is a batch file script and DOES NOT INSTALL ANYTHING. So to remove this mod, just delete GTEasylauncher batch file and launch the base games application.



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File File size
zip GtEasyLauncherv1.3 27 KB

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