Intense Chases 1.2.5

Intense Chases 1.1

If you’re anything like me, the cops are just WAY too easy, you drive away 2 meters and they immediately loose you.
This mod makes police chases very intense, tons of cars, tons of cops.
It changes the ammount of cop cars which spawn, and decreases the accuracy of cops to make sure that you don’t get blasted by the tons of cops that spawn to get you.

Requirements: OpenIV
Installation: Using OpenIV Find the according folders for certain files and drop them in there. If you’re having trouble leave a comment, I’ll get back to you within around 24 hrs.

-Larger amount of police present, therefore larger response.
-Larger variety of weaponry for both cops and NOOSE.
-Flashlights on weapons for cops.
-Less aggressive cops.
-Noose more aggressive.
And many more smaller details, not worth listing.

“If you get into bed with the LSPD, don’t expect to get out without having been ripped 3 new assholes.” – me, the idiot who made this after playing Max Payne 3 and becoming a cool line junkie.



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