Lovers couple pose pack V1.0

Lovers couple pose pack V1.0

A pack of couple lovers animations ( included 8 paired animations).

installing for single player: put in ycd file any rpf archive with animations, for example \GTAV\mods\x64c.rpf\anim\ingame , after that you can play the animations by using Menyoo (don’t forget to add the name of the animations to the animation list beforehand)

animation list (you need add this lines in \GTAV\menyooStuff\ PedAnimList.txt):
[email protected] sit_on_lap_atc_full
[email protected] sit_on_lap_vic_full
[email protected] sit_on_lap_atc_idle
[email protected] sit_on_lap_vic_idle
[email protected] sitseatedhug_f
[email protected] sitseatedhug_m
[email protected] sitarmsaround_atc
[email protected] sitarmsaround_vic
[email protected] sitarmsaround_atc_idle
[email protected] sitarmsaround_vic_idle
[email protected] navy_kiss_atc
[email protected] navy_kiss_vic
[email protected] hug_n_kiss_atc
[email protected] hug_n_kiss_vic
[email protected] hug_atc
[email protected] hug_vic
[email protected] back_rejection_atc
[email protected] back_rejection_vic
[email protected] back_hug_atc
[email protected] back_hug_vic
[email protected] arms_around_shoulder_atc
[email protected] arms_around_shoulder_vic



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File File size
7z GTA lovers couple pack 2 MB

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