NaturalVision Evolved Brighter Night Reshade Preset V1.0

NaturalVision Evolved Brighter Night Reshade Preset V1.0

So, even after using NaturalVision Evolved, the Night is too dark or not suitable for typical gaming. I didn’t like it and wanted to try something else, so I made a reshade that could combine with my enb and timecycles to provide a nicer mood for night gaming. By maintaining the brightness at 60 percent, this may be used in any weather conditions.

You may notice a 1-2 frame decrease in FPS while using this reshade.
I’ve included a few screenshots and a video so you can see the effects. I’ll do a video tutorial shortly showing you how to modify the ENB and timecycles to make this function best. Please let me know what you think.

Thanks to Razed at NaturalVision Evolved for his fantastic mod.

a: Download and instal NaturalVision Evolved.
b: Install Reshade 
c: Download the shaders listed in the requirements section and place them in the shaders folder. Textures for them should be placed in the textures folder.
d: Copy the textures from the attachment to this mod into the textures folder.



Download mod

File File size
zip SQ Night Preset 139 KB

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