Pornhub Arena [SP | FiveM] 2.0

Pornhub Arena [SP | FiveM] 2.0

Thanks for downloading my mod! I hope you like it,
it’s the second mod of my “PH-series”. The Maze
Bank Arena will turn into a Pornhub Arena.

Known bugs
*none* – if you notice one please contact me!

Installation for Singleplayer:
1. Open either 1 or 2 (depending on which version
you want)
2. Open OpenIV and enter Edit Mode.
3. Drag the .oiv file in OpenIV and follow the
installation window of OpenIV.
4. Finished!

Join my Discord server and follow the instructions
under #fivem-versions to get the resource
1. Go to the resources folder of your FiveM server
and drag the “PHARENA” folder in.
2. Open your server.cfg and type:
“ensure PHARENA”.
3. Finished!



Download mod

File File size
zip Pornhub Arena - by ryz.n 16 MB

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