Satellite Map 16K that also works in Radar 1.1.1 Standard

Satellite Map 16K that also works in Radar 1.1.1 Standard

Requirements: OpenIV

To install this:
1. in the archive, choose a folder (high, medium or low quality), then choose a file (with or without the name of the street and area) and extract it
2. go to OpenIV, click on tools, select package installer, browse for oiv file and install it (I recommend installing it in mods folder)
Optional: – if you want a less transparent radar (to see it better), extract the “less transparent radar” folder and install that oiv too; !!!it will replace graphics.ytd from update/update.rpf/x64/textures, so if you already have something modded here, replace radarmasksm.png from “manual install” folder, in your graphics.ytd
– if you want to see only the map, not the interiors, install no interiors.oiv; !!!it will replace minimap.ytd from update/update.rpf/x64/patch/data/cdimages/ scaleform_minimap.rpf, so if you have modded blips, please backup that file
– I also added atlas style interiors and maps for north yankton and cayo perico (you can try high quality version, but if you have big frame drops or any crash when it loads an interior/tunnel/map, you can try a lower quality); !!!again, this will replace minimap.ytd
3. The End.
Note: This is the standard version, if you want my full maps (with street names, yachts and fast update), my unreleased maps, or video tutorials, these are exclusive on my patreon page

To uninstall this :’(
– extract the uninstall folder and run the uninstaller
– if you installed less transparent radar/atlas interriors/maps/no interios, use the uninstaller for them too (or manual uninstall for less transparent radar)

A high quality satellite map with good contrast and colors to see it nice and very good position; you can choose if you want the name of the street and area on map or not; you can have them only on the menu map or only on the radar; you can install a less transparent radar (to see it better); you can install atlas interiors and atlas maps for North Yankton and Cayo Perico, or you can remove the interios to see only the map.

Known Issues:
– Pause menu map can load slowely at times, because it loads the whole high resolution map, and it doesn’t have coverage like the original map.
– With max zoom, the quality isn’t awesome, but still ok.
– Few roads with a slightly bad position (not something big).
– With atlas interiors/maps, you can get frame drops when it loads them.



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