Yacht Interior’s Files Validater V1.0

Yacht Interior's Files Validater V1.0

This DLC validates all invalidated files from the cabin from yacht’s interior.
You that work with map constructions on the game, and if you interest in construct the GTA Online’s yacht in a diferente location from original locations on the game, this DLC will allow you to do this.
As everyone that has knowledge on map construction on the game maybe knows, the Rockstar allows us use the external components from Galaxy Super Yacht to build it on story mode with some map editor, but the Rockstar invalidated internal cabin’s placements.
Looking myself and everyone that likes to construct yachts in diferents locations on the game, and maybe would interest to build their yachts with interiors, we’ve made a DLC with all original components from the cabin from the yacht with original textures to help the community build their yachts where ever they want.
This mod doesn’t validates components like: sofas, TV, chairs. This DLC vailidates all cabins from the yacht like: bar, bridge, bedrooms, board rooms, bathrooms, anyway: It validates all cabin to be mounted on yacht.
Internal components like: sofas, TV, tables, bar chairs and other is already allowed to be spawned into the game.
Just the components that forms the cabin from the yacht was blocked by Rockstar at the game.
This DLD mod unlocks and validates every components’s files, allowing you to build a complete yacht where ever you want.
We’re in trouble just with the collisions from the placements.
We work with ymaps constructions, and adding the interior from a specific yacht we’re constructing, we added the collision, but when we gone run the game, the game is crashed.
So, i ask for everyone be patient about this, because we’re working to try fix this trouble.
As everyone already knows, the Rockstar allowed many thing at the game, but blocked others. And to bring the opportunity to have the yacht complete, with all components working where ever we want is a big challange, just because of these restrictions that Rockstar put on the game.

Added and Validated Files:

Static Collisions (2):

[email protected]_mpapa_yacht

All these files can be spawned through Object Spawner on Menyoo.

Requirements to use this mod:
You gonna need have Menyoo PC Single-Player Trainer installed on your GTA, and Open IV to install this DLC, and use all containg components.

Thiago Andrade® Smart-Gamer Modz

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File File size
rar Yacht Interiors Files Validater 16 MB

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