Zombie Sounds+ V1.0

Zombie Sounds+ V1.0

This mod adds new sounds for the Simple Zombies
script created by sollaholla.

These sounds were found on Epidemic Sounds!

Yes I do have a license to use these sounds! The
license is 12 a month or about 200/300 a year.
If you do not have a license, I am not responsible
for what happens to your channel. I recommend
downloading this for your own personal use.


Ensure you have OpenIV for this!

mods -> x64 -> audio -> sfx -> SMISC

Drage the provided “waveload-pain-male”
and “waveload-pain-female” OAC files here!
Ensure “Edit Mode” is on!



Download mod

File File size
rar Zombie Sounds+ 60 MB

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