Real Vintage License Plates [Add-On / Replace] V1.5

Real Vintage License Plates [Add-On / Replace] V1.5

This pack comes in addon and replace. You can choose if replace all San Andreas and Yankton plates or keep them and add new license plates as extra

License plates included in the pack:

California 1987-1994 – It replaces the Standard White
California 1982-1987 – It replaces the White Plate 2
California 1969-1986 – It replaces the Blue Plate
California 1963-1969 – It replaces the Yellow Plate
California Exempt 1969-1987 – It replaces the SA Exempt
North Dakota – It replace Yankton Plate


California 1956-1962
Nevada 1970-1984
Arizona 1980-1996
Oregon 1960-1963
Oregon 1963-1975
Oregon 1975-1988
Utah 1972-1985
Utah 1985-2007
Colorado 1976-2000
Texas 1999-2007
Texas 2007-2012
Wyoming 2000-2008
North Dakota 1993-2015
Oklahoma 1982-1988


Extract the contents of this package to a convenient location of your choice such as the desktop.

For VESHARE.ytd : Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, navigate to GTA V\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf and replace vehshare.ytd with the one provided in this pack (only plates textures have been changed, rest stays untouched)

For CARCOLS.ymt: Using OpenIV in Edit Mode, navigate to GTA V\update\update.rpf\x64\data and replace carcols.ymt with the one provided in this pack.


For game versions from 1.61 onwards the installation path for the VEHSHARE.ytd changed. Now it is:

GTA V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday27ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf\vehshare.ytd

The correct number sequence showed in the screenshots is made by a trainer. All the plates will spawn with 8 digits vanilla sequence. It would be possibile to spawn intraffic the correct sequence for all states with a script (such as License Plate Changer for California plates by Leftas) but such script doesn’t exist yet and my knowledges of .NET/C language is pratically zero.



Download mod

File File size
rar Vintage License Plates 15 MB

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