Apocalypse Teen [Add-On Ped / FiveM] 4.0 (Single Player + FiveM)

Apocalypse Teen [Add-On Ped / FiveM] 2.0 (Single Player + FiveM)

This is just a cute little apocalypse teen, covered with blood stains and dirt, that I’d made for myself and no longer use, so feel free to pick her up and have fun roleplaying in the zombie apocalypse, or anything like that! <3 Flor (Flower) is supposed to be a 14-15 teenager, her height is around 85% the normal multiplayer character's, and she comes with 3 outfits, 3 hairstyles (they are not 100% perfect, since this was made for my own fun and not for a client) and a cute backpack. She also has a gunshot wound on her forehead, so have fun explaining that to your friends while roleplaying. lol This ped comes with a Single Player and a FIVEM ready version. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:


Place the whole TeenFlor_CSFIX folder within your server’s RESOURCES folder, and add “ensure TeenFlor_CSFIX” on your server.cfg file. To set the ped to a particular person, you need to have a skin shop script, but the usual command for that is “/skin ID “nameofskin”


– Using OpenIV, put all files into GTAV>mods>update>x64>dlcpacks>addonpeds>dlc.rpf>peds.rpf
– Run AddonPeds (Run as admin)
– Click “New Ped” input the name “TeenFlor_CSFIX”
– Set Ped Type to “Female” and Is streamed “True”.
– press REBUILD.
– Done!



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