Player Utility – Single Player Trainer Mod 1.5

Player Utility - Single Player Trainer Mod 1.5

Player Utility, A single Player Trainer Mod, which you allow to enhance your player skills, spawn your favorite vehicle, categorized weapon section, and lots of features that will make your gaming fun better.

Some of the Features:

Player Options
Ped Options (Beta, Not Completed)
Weather Options
Vehicle Options
Teleport the Player
Bodyguard Menu
Enemies Menu

About features:We always add & release new features every Monday, so it is hard to document all in a single place, and want to keep important info in the front so that users do not get irritated by seeing large paragraphs. To read all features, please go through changelogs, or explore the mod.

Requirement/Prerequisite to run mod:

NativeUI 1.9.1
.Net Framework 4.8 Runtime

How to install PlayerUtility

Put NativeUI.dll in Scripts Folder
Put Scripthookdotvnet3 files in the root (GTA 5) Folder
Put Scripthookv files in the root (GTA 5) Folder
Put All files/folders of “PlayerUtility Mod Files” folder to the Scripts Folder

Note: To use this Mod, Press: B. You can also change the activation key by changing the key in the PlayerUtilityModKeys.ini. Key Must be in capital format.

Instructions to use Music Player (Music Player available in Version 1.5):

To play your music in the game, put your song mp3 file in the PlayerUtilityMusicAlbum Folder.
In the Music Player option, you will have some options like:
Navigator to choose your favorite music. (If only one mp3 file in folder, please navigate so that music can be set)
Play/Pause Button.
Close the music.


For NAudio Library:
For Music Player Demo, we have used this music:
Track: Alex Skrindo & Miza
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Download mod

File File size
zip PlayerUtility1_5 3 MB

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