Ballas to 2-11 Criminal Crips V1.0

Ballas to 2-11 Criminal Crips V1.0

The modification changes ballas to 211 criminal crips (Texas Longhorns and Minnesota Twins merch).


Step 1 Install the files to the below directory

Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_g_m_y.rpf\g_m_y_ballaeast_01.ytd
Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_g_m_y.rpf\g_m_y_ballaorig_01.ytd
Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_g_m_y.rpf\g_m_y_ballasout_01.ytd

Grand Theft Auto V\x64v.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_g_f_y.rpf\g_f_y_ballas_01.ytd

Install another copy of the same file to the directory listed below – MUST BE DONE

Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday3ng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\patchday3ng.rpf\g_m_y_ballasout_01.ytd

Open pedprops 64e and place the files in the below directory (this is for the npc accessories)

Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\pedprops.rpf\g_m_y_ballaeast_01_p.ytd
Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\pedprops.rpf\g_m_y_ballasout_01_p.ytd
Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\pedprops.rpf\g_m_y_ballaorig_01_p.ytd



Download mod

File File size
zip Cripsbybkestsider 12 MB

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