Bayonetta (Nude) 1.0

Bayonetta (Nude) 1.0

Her body model came from Honey Select.You will find that the body is complete. I took time to make some changes. Some of my operations caused the texture of the model to appear seams. The next step is to color, because you know, the texture obtained by using the NinjaRipper is like a Negro, that would ruin beauty. Maybe you will find that there are still problems with this mod, except for the difference in body proportions. There is no way. Maybe next time I will try to edit the bones. Editing its bones in 3dsmax is a good idea. Maybe her feet will Drill into the ground. Can anyone tell me a correct approach?

After testing, there are no errors
—In fact, the hot coffee script does not work well with my work, I hope someone can improve it.

1. Unzip the file
2. Open openiv
3. Drag the four files in the mod into the following locations:
4. add toAddonped.
5. That’s it, enjoy!



Download mod

File File size
rar Bayonetta_Nude(AddonPed) 20 MB

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