Biker Shorts for MP Female [ FiveM / SP ] 1.0

Biker Shorts for MP Female [ FiveM / SP ] 1.0

Biker shorts for MP female models. If you wish to retexture – It’s allowed if you provide a link to the original (this) post.
Completely custom rigged, high-quality shorts with a very low poly count which makes the file small in size.
The shorts has 14 different colors.

Installation for SP:
1. Open OpenIV
2. Navigate to your mods folder. Make sure you do it in your mods folder!
3. Drag and drop the files following this path:

Installation for FiveM:
Simply drag and drop the files in your stream folder.

Located under undershirts in game, advised to use with legs ID 15.



Download mod

FileFile size
rar Biker Shorts4 MB

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