Bombastic Bagman [Add-On Ped] V2.0

Bombastic Bagman [Add-On Ped] V2.0

He has skins
Three for the torso, two for the legs.
Please enjoy!


1. Download the basic requirement:
Script hook V
Script hook V donet

2. Download the Bombastic Bagman (duh)

3. Put the files in the zip in here


4. add it on the list in addonpeds

5. Ingame press L if you have the selector or Open Menyoo go to “player options>change models>favorites>addmodel” write in the name of the model

6. Enjoyy

Hope you like it, I’m really proud of it
Textures are from edge of time, i used it on the hazmat suit.
Stay safe and have fun.



Download mod

File File size
zip BagMan V2 8 MB

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