Captain America – Retexture Deluxe + ini 1.0

Captain America - Retexture Deluxe + ini 1.0

I tried to combine the 1980 movie version and some comicbook elements to the style. Thanks to the Paypal supporters for the idea and $.

REPLACE your existing CaptainAmerica(Avengers2012) files using OpenIV
THIS IS A RESKIN for gtav_KWABZ, OkaymanXXI’s Captain America (Avengers2012)

You MUST have the model first. Once installed in your addonped Just replace Your CaptainAmerica(Avengers2012).ytd with the New, also replace the w_me_capshield.ytd file.

Made for the Captain America script.

Also attached is my suit for the captainamerica mod, I use a base of 100-150hp to gauge a normal persons durability. So all of my missions the suits will be balanced.


Skin art: icu2 PRODUCTIONS

Download mod

File File size
zip CAPAM 12 MB

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