Cheerleader Outfit for MP Female

Cheerleader Outfit for MP Female

✨ matching short cheerleader top & skirt for mp female! ✨
✨ top & skirt come with 26 different textures each (above are just examples) ✨

how to install?

✨ just drag and drop the files from the “fivem” folder to your server’s “stream folder”!
✨ two extra tutorials are in the read me file!

✨ open openiv
✨ enable “edit mode”
✨ drag and drop the files to the following paths:

✨ otherwise i’d suggest you, you install mpclothes. that way you can just drag and drop your clothes to your game without having to replace any default gta clothes!


✨ mesh credit: simpliciaty

Download mod

File File size
zip cheerleader outfit by jazlyn13 8 MB

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