Detroit: Become Human – Connor’s Jacket, Tie, & LED 1.1

Detroit: Become Human - Connor's Jacket, Tie, & LED 1.1

Hi, my name is Connor. I am the Android sent by Cyberlife. Thank you for expressing human interest in this mod!

This mod includes Connor’s jacket, tie, and LED.

Version 1.1 Changes:
-LED included!
-Cleaned up jacket texture (removed creases, fixed other small issues)
-Removed small flaps on collar
-Edited texture mapping so sleeve cuffs are now the correct color
-Added spec map (some things shine in sunlight)
-Tie texture no longer looks stretched near top

The jacket is a GTA model that I edited in 3ds Max to remove buttons and zippers, as well as fix its texture mapping.
The tie is retextured using a pattern I created myself in PS.

Check the README for installation instructions and how to wear them in game.



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