Female Nude Bottom for Female MP Beta 1.0

Female Nude Bottom for Female MP Beta 1.0

Managed to swap the lower body part and replaced it with a nude bottom part (thanks to JotaPXmodz’s model of Lara Croft). It’s not perfect since the model was a bit complex to merge. This is only a beta release for now since I don’t plan to fix it at all (expired zmodeler3 trial). So there are any bugs, please don’t pm me.

There are different types that I planned to throw out but I decided to keep them as experimental so feel free try them out.


Go to this location:


Replace lowr_002.ydd and lowr_diff_002_a_whi.ytd with new files in Final Version folder

Installation with feet version only:

Same as above but set shoes to 12 using menyoo

Spawn bottom with legs set to 21 in menyoo


Modojo, JotaPXModz

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zip Female Nude Bottom for Female MP 60 MB

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