Gendarmerie Pack [EUP][Not Game Ready] V1.0

Gendarmerie Pack [EUP][Not Game Ready] V1.0

Hello here is the set of Gendarmerie outfits made entirely by me from 3D modeling to GI integration. This translates into more than 2500 hours of work (with the other packs).
Everything is not perfect, but all has been made as accurate and playable as possible.

For the installation, you must change the names of “ytd” and “ydd” by the name of the clothes you want to replace in the game example:

Blue Polo Short Sleeve Male.ydd —-> jbib 009 u.ydd
0.ytd —-> jbib diff 009 a uni.ytd

In short, nothing too complicated, everyone can install this like a big boy.



– 3S Gas Mask
– Armband
– Balaclava
– Motorcycle Helmet Cable
– Motorcycle Jacket Insert
– Neck Cover 1/2/3/4
– Riot Protection
– Ceremonial Belt

Bulletproof Vest:

– GK Vest Compo 1/2/3
– HPB Patrol Vest Compo 1/2/3/4
– Identification Vest
– Heavy Vest
– Heavy Intervention Vest 1/2/3/4
– Tac Fluo Vest
– Viking Vest Compo 1/2/3
– Comoditex Vest
– TimeCop II Vest
– Versibag Vest


– V3 Suit


– Cap
– F1 Cap
– Old Gen Cap
– Civil Motorcycle Helmet
– Gendarmerie Motorcycle Helmet
– TC2 Helmet
– TC3 Helmet
– Winter cap

High Visibility Vest:

– HVV Large
– HVV Small

Jacket and Parkas:

– Softshell 3 Layer Jacket
– 4S Jacket
– Ceremonial Jacket
– Cold Weather Jacket
– NG Combat Jacket
– Current Service Jacket
– F1 Fleece
– Old Generation Jacket
– Old Generation Parkas
– Summer Motorcycle Jacket
– Winter Motorcycle Jacket
– Instructor Motorcycle Jacket
– PGHM Jacket
– T4 Jacket

Polo shirt:

– Polo Short Sleeve Blue/Black/Mobile/PGHM
– Polo Long Sleeve Blue/Black/Mobile/PGHM
– Combat Shirt UBAS


– GK Guarian Pants
– GK Ultimate Pants
– GK Ultimate PMO Pants
– LeoMinor Pants
– Mountain Pants
– NG Pants
– Striker Pants


– Rangers Haix
– Rangers Assault Bike


Bastien Carter

Download mod

File File size
rar Pack Gendarmerie 2 GB

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