Improved Sweaters [MP Female / MP Male] V1.0

Improved Sweaters

Note: the texture variations in the screenshots are only an example used to showcase the mod, there’s a lot more for each modified drawable

This mod improves the sweaters of both the MP characters from various DLCs without modifying/upscaling/remaking the diffuse textures
Note: unfortunately with some textures, because they’re too compressed/low res, the difference is harder to notice

– High resolution normal map (from the Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC sweater)
– Custom high resolution specular map (using the normal map as a base)
– Enabled detail maps
– Most recent (as of release) mp/patchday drawable dictionaries

Menyoo IDs:
– Female: Tops2 (Outer) > Type 71, 79, 192, 198, 199, 253, 268, 294, 301, 318, 341, 376, 423, 452
– Male: Tops2 (Outer) > Type 78, 89, 190, 196, 197, 245, 259, 281, 288, 307, 328, 358, 410, 423
Note: this is the list of DLCs (the order is based on the IDs above): mpLuxe2, mpLowrider, mpImportExport, mpChristmas2017, mpBattle, mpChristmas2018, mpVinewood, mpHeist3, mpHeist4, mpSum2, mpChristmas3

– “mods” folder

Move the “mpsweaters” folder in “mods\update\x64\dlcpacks” and add “dlcpacks:/mpSweaters/” to the “dlclist.xml”.



Download mod

FileFile size
rar ImprovedSweaters23 MB

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