Improved Vanilla Los Santos County Sheriff Deputies [LSSD]

Improved Vanilla Los Santos County Sheriff Deputies [LSSD]

Following the success of my earlier Improved Vanilla LSPD officers, I’ve had requests come in to make a similar modification to the LSSD. This mod brings the simplicity and cleanliness of a vanilla, lore-friendly feel while simultaneously correcting Rockstar’s errors. Low res name bars and shirt patches have been cleaned up and male deputies no longer need to choose between armor or a gunbelt. Enjoy!

Readme included in the file.



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  1. hay do you think you could make a engine51 uniform mod for the firefighter NPC’s you just a simple retexture mod like make the yellow helmets black for the regular firefighters and make the orange helmets black with the white line down the middle of the little hump on top of the helmet and can you make the helmets lore friendly and make it say L.S county 51 and can you retexture the turn out gear to look like the turn out gear on the TV show and can you pleas download this mod on GTA5 mods thank you so much.

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