Improved Vanilla NOOSE Ped [Replace] 1.1

Improved Vanilla NOOSE Ped [Replace] 1.1

This mod improves the NOOSE ped, by replacing the old uniform textures of the ped with the newer ones from the NOOSE uniforms that GTA Online characters wear in the Diamond Casino Heist; the improved patches are also brought over to the improved ped, so they will wear either “POLICE” or “NOOSE” patches. Also, the last-gen NOOSE helmet is added to the game, acting as the second helmet for the NOOSE ped. The old helmet will not be replaced, instead it will continue to spawn along with the new one.


– Rockstar Games – Original models
– TheF3nt0n – Ped model edits
– Bad Company – Last-gen NOOSE helmet
– BeastyBill88 – Decal fixes

Download mod

File File size
rar Improved NOOSE Ped 1 MB

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