Moonknight (Robin retexture) 1.0

Moonknight (Robin retexture) 1.0

Hello again! Today I bring another retexture to a model from, one of the best ped creators I know, MTN4456. All the credit goes to him. I only edited the textures on photoshop.
The suit retexture is not accurate to the new moonknight show nor to the comics, Its a mashup of things I liked from different versions. I added an extra option of the suit with no sleeves, just like the robin original look.

You will need the original model by MTN4456.
Robin: Arkham City W/Cloth
Once you extract the original files, you can replace the ytd with my edited ytd. Then follow the instruction of the original file.



Download mod

File File size
rar Robin_moonknight 28 MB

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