My May cat from in real life v1.2

My May cat from in real life v1.0

Readme file
How to install the. My May cat from in real life.
use open IV to install My cat Mayfrom in real life. Open iv will automatically locate wherever you have Grand Theft Auto V installed either it is on a internal hard drive or external SSD stands for solid state disk. Install locations will be listed below.

D:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_a_c.rpf\
D:\Games\Grand Theft Auto V\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_a_c.rpf\

If you are getting the same original house cat end game. you will need to install it in both locations listed above. or to make it easier. just install in both locations. mod files needs to be installed and both locations depending on a game and how it is installed.



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