SM Sims HONEY | Idalia Shoes for MP Female V1.0

SM Sims HONEY | Idalia Shoes for MP Female V1.0

Very pretty satin shoes with pearls and charms. I saw these a few months ago and finally decided to work on them.
You will notice in some pictures that the ankle skin doesn’t match the foot skin. This is unfortunately a GTA issue. Most of the time you don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it. I have shaders and different skin mods so mine’s even more enhanced and in your face thus it’s THAT visible.
I have also decimated the ever living hell out of these shoes, specifically the pearls and charms. I am very particular in my clothing not being bigger than 10k poly. If left untouched, the shoes would’ve been 22k poly which is blasphemy in my book of optimization lol. This is why the pearls aren’t a perfect round circle and look funky in some places.
The texture of these shoes is supposed to be satin/velvety as the texture looks exactly like that so I used a satin spec colour. They might look shiny in the Sun but that doesn’t mean they look wet/plasticky as I removed that issue from them.

– 12 swatches (pastel & solid colours (some of the pastel colours might look the same in the swatch shown in the picture but they’re very distinct in game when it comes to difference))
– They’re 1.5 in height and I used shoe heels sound modifier for them (in YMTEditor)
– Converted & Edited by me (Caturtle)

Installation for FiveM:
I recommend installing this as an add-on.



Download mod

File File size
rar MYOBI dalia Shoes 2 MB

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