[T] misc. & accessories 0.5

[T] misc. & accessories 0.5

miscellaneous & accessories 0.5
for Trevor

– shirts
– tattoo skin
– caps (under hair/task)
– cowboy hat (under task)
– hats (under task)
– earrings (under teeth eyes)

❗ ❗ first of all you should download “EASY MOD FOLDER“❗ ❗

to get extra slots for michael, franklin and trevor.

🟢 as always! you don’t need to use “EASY MOD FOLDER”. 🟢
just rename the files, if you only like to replace vanilla files.


3Doomer for GIMS Evo
OpenIVteam for OpenIV Tool
🖤polkien for always supporting
Model: Ubisoft (GR: Wildlands)/red”
Texture: Ubisoft (GR: Wildlands)/red”
GIMS Evo: 3Doomer



Download mod

File File size
rar T-misc-accs_by-red27 290 MB

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