The Amazing Spiderman-2 (Andrew Garfield)

The Amazing Spiderman-2 (Andrew Garfield)

*Add-On Pad

*(Normal Ped) Installation[Requires Menyoo only, no need for Add On Ped];

1-Open OPEN IV and click EDIT MODE.

2-Go to mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf\.

3-After coming to the location I gave, you can download 4 (theamazing2_nomask) files in the mod file, whichever pad you want.
Select the character in ‘componentpeds_ig.rpf’, copy the character name you selected and replace it with the file named (theamazing2_nomask) 4 of them.
I name it (eg me:ig_bankman).

4-For example, in in-game usage, I replaced it with a file named (ig_bankman).

5-Entering Menyoo; (In-game usage)

You can spawn by pressing |MODEL CHANGER>STORY MODELS>ig_bankman…



Download mod

FileFile size
rar GTA 5-The Amazing Spiderman-2(No Mask)3 MB

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