The Hulk [Ped] 1.1

The Hulk [Ped] 1.1

Any sort of Trainer with a Model Changer is required!

I have removed his hat, and chains but for this I had to removed his hair textures as well.
The skin colour is as close as I could get to Hulk at the moment.
When model editing Is available, Ill update this to the best of my ability.

Future Plans/Updates
In the future I plan to remove the shoe textures, as this is not possible as of now.
I also plan to remove the glove textures, as this is not possible as of now.
I plan to add hair textures In, this is not possible at the moment because of his hat.

Known Bugs!
– For certain players the hat still shows up white!
I have found why this is happening, It only happens when your graphics are on medium or low, or from very far distances. If your graphic settings are on High or very high, then the re-texture will be fine! I’m sorry but there Is no other way to fix this apart from play on high settings!



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File File size
zip Hulk Texture 3 MB

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