Tracey Nude (Partially) 1.1

Tracey Nude (Partially) 1.1

Quick note: The mod of Tracey with the tattoo on her leg etc. was originally made by OrangeAgent.

Anyway, not my proudest mod but sigh…
Since many people asked for a mod where Tracey is completely naked, I figured I’d re-texture some clothes but quickly realized I could only work out the lower part of the body. Otherwise it would look fake and messy.

So this is basically a partially nude mod I guess. The good stuff comes with a custom normal map so don’t worry about “it” looking flat, because it has some bump on it. And now you can bump it too with your MP character (that was a little joke).

As far as I figured, this mod only looks good with the hoodie Tracey has. In other cases it either looks a bit fake or something else.

An installation file along with some screenshots is included in the file.

Update Log:

Added a version without the big tattoo on her leg as I quickly realized the tattoo was a mod of OrangeAgent.



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File File size
zip Tracey Nude 2 MB

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